Second assistant DA will leave position

ALBANY — Two opportunities drew a Dougherty assistant district attorney from his present job to a new one in Athens.

“My wife has the opportunity to get her Ph.D. in Athens and I couldn’t tell her no,” Matthew Breedon said. “An opportunity for me with the Athens district attorney also came up.”

Breedon plans to leave his position, which he has held since 2005, on Jan. 20, he said. In his six years with the Dougherty prosecution staff, he has successfully prosecuted a variety of violent crimes among others.

Along with colleague Chief Assistant District Attorney Heather Lanier, Breedon made up a team that came down as hard on gang members. Lanier had previously stated that she will be leaving at the start of 2012 for a position in the South Georgia Judicial District.

The changes will leave District Attorney Greg Edwards down two attorneys from a full staff of 16. He said he has started the hiring process.

“We valued him and will miss his service to our county,” Edwards said. “We have begun the hiring and interviewing process. We have a good selection who have presented their information. We will adapt and make sure all cases are prosecuted as aggressively as we can.”

Because of history, Athens operates as part of the Western Judicial Circuit, said District Attorney Ken Mauldin. He also said he is looking forward to Breedon joining his team.

“It is exciting to have him (Breedon) come up here,” Mauldin said. “In a relatively short period of time he has gotten a variety of experience and has done well. He’ll add a lot to our team.”


Jimboob 3 years, 8 months ago

Greg Edwards must be looking for an ex-athlete because his first interview question is "Do you play ball?"


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