OUTDOORS: Weekly fishing reports

Lake Seminole — Bass fishing is good and fish are showing up in quality numbers and sizes. Best target areas now are main-lake grass flats near the edge of the river channels. Use a lip-less crankbait as a locator lure and, when fish are found, switch to a slowly retrieved shallow-running crankbait. Fish it just over the top of the vegetation. Crappies remain fair at various depths as they move back and forth with fluctuating water temperatures. Minnows are producing well. Bream fishing remains slow. Catfish are slow overall.

Lake Walter F. George — Bass fishing is good. Fish remain on grass lines, points and docks. On most days lately they have stayed active all day. Spinnerbaits have worked well in the grass and deep crankbaits have paid off near the docks and points. Texas-rigged worms are good bets for dock fishing as well. A fair hybrid and white bass bite continues up the creeks. Use Rat-L-Traps and other lip-less crankbaits. Deep-water crappies are fair along the creek channels. Bream and catfish remain very slow for now.

Flint River — The occasional shoal bass may be taken now. Fish small, pumpkinseed, motor oil, or craw-colored Carolina-rig softbaits in deeper pools at the foot of shoals for the best results. Largemouths are very slow. Bream are slow as well, and catfish are the same. Crappies can be fair, though the bite is often slow. It is largely a matter of random luck when any large, active concentration of fish is found. Individual fish, however, are pretty good in size. Use live minnows for best results.

Lake Blackshear — Bass are fair. Early in the morning fish small worms rigged Texas style. Later in the day, seek out warm-water areas around rocky structure. Crankbaits, spinnerbaits, and worms can pay off there. Crappies are fair. Like elsewhere, they are deep. Structure and depth are the key. Look to river and creek channels and concentrate on deep structure very near channel edges. Jigs or minnows work well and jigs should be fished very slowly. Other species besides bass and crappies are very slow.