APD: Top sketch artist aides in suspect search

Photo by Carly Farrell

Photo by Carly Farrell

ALBANY, Ga. -- Victims described two wanted criminals to a Georgia Bureau of Investigation forensic artist to put a recognizable face on the suspects.

Forensic Artist Marla Lawson touched charcoal pencils to pads and came up with two sketches of suspects involved in two separate crimes. She relied on descriptions from victims at the Albany Police Department Law Enforcement Center on Friday.

"The first suspect was involved in a violent assault at 1401 Owens Ave.," said Investigator Charlie Roberts.

The sketch Lawson drew matched the initial description of a man who forced his way into an apartment and cut two women who tried to defend their home.

The description of a fat, bald man with a mustache and goatee, standing 5-foot-8 and weighing a stocky 270 pounds came to life under Lawson's practiced hands.

The man in the sketch forced his way into an apartment through a door off a carport at about 5:30 a.m. Jan. 28, a police report stated. He cut two female residents with a kitchen knife when they fought him.

Lawson also drew a sketch of a gunman who entered the Hanu QuikStop convenience store on the 700 block of Johnson Road from a victim's description.

The sketch portrayed a man with short dreadlocks who could be in his 20s, with chapped or cracked lips. He was described as wearing blue jeans, a dark, puffy jacket and a mask during the holdup.

"There was a hole in the mask where his mouth was," Lawson said.

"He (the victim) saw his eyes, and we went from there."

The robber in the sketch did not injure the victims and got away with an undetermined amount of cash.

Anyone who recognizes the men from the sketches or with additional information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at (229) 436-TIPS (8477) or investigations at (229) 431-3288. The Spanish speaking APD-COP Tip Line is (229) 434-2677.