Prisoners clean up; homeless man leaves

ALBANY, Ga. -- State prisoners climbed up an overpass hill Wednesday. When they left, a homeless man who had been living there apparently left as well.

Colin Bailey had been living for months at the top of the hill under the Liberty Expressway where it crosses Slappey Boulevard. At one time, he and two other homeless men called the indentation beneath the bridge home.

The men generated litter that fell down the hill and angered at least one motorist driving by. Someone filed a complaint.

Cleaning beneath the bridge, which is state property, is a responsibility that Albany took on in a deal with the state. The Code Enforcement Department had a crew picking up litter on Feb. 3 at Bailey's bypass roost.

While not ordering Bailey to move away, the city crew gave him notice that there would be others back to finish the cleanup. The state prison detail arrived five days later.

That must have been it for Bailey. Several attempts to reach him at his spot under the bypass Wednesday were unsuccessful. The spot was empty.

"The state prisoners only completed the cleanup," said Wes Smith, assistant city manager. "He decided to leave on his own."