Families enjoy a day at museum

Photo by Carly Farrell

Photo by Carly Farrell

ALBANY, Ga. -- It was a day of beads, crafts and colors for families at the Albany Museum of Art Saturday.

In probably one of the most popular activities hosted by the museum and the Albany Recreation & Parks Department more than 250 people attended "Family Day" before it was half done.

"The children really love it," said Virginia Thrower, an Albany resident.

"This is wonderful and my granddaughters are very hands on with the crafts."

Thrower's grandchildren Lynneetra Upshaw, 6, and Johannah Mack, 4, busily pated jewels on construction paper crown as Thrower looked on.

"This is great," Mack said. "I'm going to be a queen."

The girls looked up from the crown making tables to watch children dancing around in a circle on a stage. The children were in the

"Cupcake Walk" hosted by Heritage Bank's Mary Beth Hobby.

The object of the dance was similar to musical chairs but everyone wins in the world of the cupcake walk. When the music stopped children stopped on numbers on the dance floor.

The child standing on a number drawn from a box won a cupcake.

Each child could play as long as they wished, but only one cupcake was allowed to a child.

"It is a pink or white cupcake piled high with butter cream frosting," Hobby said. "They just like to keep playing, but one cupcake to a child. We don't want to send them home with more sugar."

Children had time and material to make Valentine's Day cards, jewelry and more at the crafts tables. In keeping with the Mardi Gras theme everyone in the door seemed to be lovingly given a plastic-jeweled necklace.

"It is just a good way for families to have fun with the crafts," said Banks Margeson, president of the museum's board of trustees. "It also introduces children to the importance of the arts in our lives."