Out on bail, man heads back to jail Saturday

Photo by Laura Williams

Photo by Laura Williams

ALBANY, Ga. -- Out on $32,000 bond for a murder charge, an Albany man just couldn't get it right.

Antonio Seay, 21, out on bond in connection with a Feb. 14 fatal shooting at Brick House Productions, headed back to Dougherty County Jail Friday for breaking the terms of his bond, stated an Albany Police Department report.

Seay had an electronic monitor on his ankle meant to keep him at his residence, the report stated. He didn't stay put at 1332 E. Society Ave., Apt. B, it added.

"Seay admitted that he left his house and he knew he 'messed up,' " the report said. "He said he was going to see his cousin and then he came home."

The cousin lives at 1907 S. Flintlock Drive, more than two miles from Seay's residence.

According to police reports, Seay was also taken into custody on Feb. 7 while on bond for the murder charge by the Albany police Gang Unit at his Society Ave. home. Police also arrested six other suspects. A small quantity of bagged marijuana, liquor and beer were seized at the time.

There was no information immediately available on if Seay was charged stemming from the Feb. 7 raid or how he got out of jail after that incident.