Carver shooting suspect sentenced

ALBANY, Ga. -- The man prosecutors say fired a weapon near a popular municipal pool in 2009 was sentenced Monday to serve 15 years in prison.

Jerry Lee Harris Jr., also known as "Doo Doo Man," was one of three defendants charged and convicted in connection with the August 2009 shooting that left Donald Winchester injured.

Chief Superior Court Judge Willie Lockette sentenced Harris to serve 15 years in state prison, court officials say.

Tchywaski Jones and Dabkowski Luke were each sentenced in December to serve 10 years in prison for their respective roles in the shooting.

During their trial, prosecutors painted the shooting as retribution for an incident earlier that day in which Luke's young child was inadvertently punched during a fight involving the child's mother and friends at the pool.

Defense attorneys Jim Finklestein, Sandra Satchel and Roosevelt Russell each told the court that there was no evidence submitted during the case that showed that either of their clients had fired or possessed a gun during the incident, and that there were conflicting reports that they were even there.

Meanwhile, other suspects tied to the case, Jarnay Evans and Brandon Taylor, were each given plea agreements by the district attorney's office in consideration of their testimony in the case and received considerably less time, with Taylor receiving credit for time served.

While Winchester was the only person shot during the incident, investigators recovered 11 shells, and wadding from a fired shotgun shell.