APD: Man in jail for bad checks, business

ALBANY, Ga. -- After starting a fake business, cashing checks on an empty account and running up bills of more than $2,000, an Albany man is in jail today, an Albany Police Department report stated.

Noel Thomas, 52, faces charges of stealing a business license, identity theft and writing bad checks. Police put out a request for information on Thomas' whereabouts Feb. 2.

Dougherty County Sheriff's Office deputies picked Thomas up during a traffic stop Feb. 11, the report added.

According to John Litman, the owner of Litman Flowers & Gifts, Thomas, a store employee, took a business license off the wall.

Then, according to police reports, Thomas took the license to Capital City Bank, opened an account and wrote checks to buy presents and liquor. The checks were bad, the police report stated.

The bills for the bad checks came back to Litman Flowers & Gifts at the address on the stolen business license, 1189 Clark Ave.

"He (Thomas) opened a fraudulent account in my business name," Litman said. "He cashed a check for $400 and bought liquor at the liquor store. I don't even drink. I wouldn't buy liquor."

Litman said the bad checks could run to more than $2,000 by the time they are all counted. That total doesn't include overdraft fees.