City manager search to be completed by April 11

Photo by Casey Dixon

Photo by Casey Dixon

ALBANY, Ga. -- A timeline for the selection of the new city manager was presented to the Albany City Commission during a retreat Monday and has the body announcing as many as three finalists for the position no later than April 11.

Baenzinger & Associates, the firm hired by the city to find candidates for the city manager job, accepted more than 60 applications for the position by the deadline but has whittled that list down to 13 viable candidates, Albany Human Resources Director Angela Price told commissioners.

The commission agreed Monday to allow Baenzinger to further reduce the list to five candidates. Those remaining will be brought to Albany to participate in a round of interviews with each commissioner one-on-one and with the commission as a whole.

Commissioners discussed Monday having a reception for the candidates to meet either members of the general public or community VIPs to gauge their social abilities.

City Manager Alfred Lott has announced his intentions to leave office March 2.

The commission voted to make Assistant City Manager James Taylor the interim city manager on March 3.

Both Taylor and Assistant City Manager Wes Smith have applied to be city manager on a full-time basis and have survived the cut to 13.

According to the timeline, on March 14 the firm will forward screening material it intends to use on the 13 remaining candidates to the city.

On March 21, the firm will interview what it has called the "semifinalists" with the city commissioners both individually and as a whole.