New stadium for the Falcons takes a step forward

Official NFL team logos; 1 col.; 46.5 mm

Official NFL team logos; 1 col.; 46.5 mm

Atlanta, GA - The Falcons and the GWCCA say that the agreement does not constitute a done deal, but simply allows them to begin discussions over the "business relationship" going forward for whatever is developed.

The Falcons have made it clear that they want a new open-air stadium, shooting down alternate proposals such as expanding the Georgia Dome or adding a retractable roof to the facility.

The architecture firm Populous said a new stadium could fit on the Congress Center's Marshaling Field -- an area where trucks are parked during conventions -- off Ivan Allen Boulevard. The stadium would have 65,000 permanent seats, 10,000 temporary seats, 7,500 club seats and 110 suites. The cost would be about $700 million.