Lee State Prison to get new warden

LEESBURG, Ga. -- John Jeanes will become warden of Lee State Prison on Tuesday.

Department of Corrections Commission Brian Owens said Jeanes will replace Lee Warden Stanley Williams, who will become warden of Smith State Prison.

Jeanes most recently served as deputy warden of Washington State Prison in Davisboro and has been with the Georgia Department of Corrections since 1985. His first assignment was at Rivers State Prison and he has served as deputy warden at Dodge, Bostick, Scott and Washington state prisons.

"The Department is pleased to see another esteemed employee make their way up through the ranks," Owens said today. "The Corrections Division will benefit from Jeanes' 26 years of knowledge and experience."

Jeanes, an Army veteran, has been married 20 years and he and his wife have three children and four grandchildren.