APD AmeriCorps career event attracts crowd

ALBANY, Ga. -- The way to a good job might be through Albany Technical College for Taron Sweat.

"They are putting on a real helpful education and employment day here," Sweat said. "I got a whole lot of information on education and employment. I think I'll go to Albany Tech for air conditioner repair."

Sweat had a Darton College bag full of job interview tips, resume examples and other pamphlets he picked up at the Albany Police AmeriCorps "The Formula for Success" job preparation and search assistance event that started at 11 a.m. Saturday.

The event had tables set up with volunteers to walk anyone that asked through job interviewing techniques, business etiquette and the resume writing process.

Anna Sanders, an AmeriCorps cadet, explained that there was a blank form for job seekers to fill out with their basic information. Once that was done she and Mike Allen, another cadet, helped put the information together in a resume form.

"We had one guy who never had a resume before," Sanders said. "Mike showed him what to do, typed it up for him and gave him five copies. We can also e-mail the resumes to people."

The event attracted more than 30 people before noon. Organizers had held a similar event in December at a neighborhood center, but it failed to attract people, said Albany Police Department's K.D. Barnes the officer in charge of the AmeriCorps program.

Barnes and the cadets persisted.

"We only had one person come out. We all met about it and decided we had to do something better," Barnes said. "I think we had a good turnout because we had Darton and Albany Tech. here to help."

Barnes said that the event was also a part of Governor-Elect Nathan Deal and his supporters' inaugural celebration called "With a Servant's Heart," a statewide day of volunteer activities.