Say what you want about the BCS, this year they got it right

Photo by Danny Aller

Photo by Danny Aller

No one wants a playoff system more than me. OK, maybe a few congressmen in Idaho, Utah and Texas want one worse, but until it happens (make that IF it happens), debate will rage on at the end of every college football season about what could've, or should've, been.

Well, except for this year.

This year, the BCS is my boy. Because this year, they got it right.

Sometime around Week 6 -- when Oregon (12-0) came back from a 21-3 hole against Stanford to blow out the Cardinal, 52-31, while Auburn (13-0) was busy hanging 65 on Arkansas -- more than a few eyebrows raised around the country about the possibility of this game taking place.

And tonight it's finally here.

See that headline to the right? The one that says "Must-see TV?" Well, that's what tonight's BCS National Championship game is.

This is "Who shot J.R.?" big. This is Seinfeld season-finale big. This is like if Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. ever decided to fight.

You don't even have to like football to be mildly curious about this game. I simply can't wait to see what happens.

*** What kind of jaw-dropping highlight will be produced by electric Heisman winner Cam Newton -- the embattled Auburn QB who has risen above adversity all year?

*** For those of us not living out West, we wonder: Just how good is this Oregon team?

*** Heck, I want to watch just to see if they'll break the 100-point mark and rewrite the NCAA record books for most points -- 79 -- in a modern day, BCS title game set by Texas and USC in 2004 (USC won, 41-38).

It could happen.

I nailed my Super Bowl pick last year in that prediction column when I told readers not to bet against the Saints -- because they were a team of destiny. And I think the same is true about Newton and the Tigers now.

The amazing comeback against Alabama convinced me of that, although I had my suspicions early on.

Working the kind of schedule us newspaper guys have, I've actually watched a number of late-night Oregon beatdowns this year on FSN when I got home after midnight. And, trust me, the Ducks are the real deal.

But the Tigers are better.

Much, much better.

FINAL: Auburn 45, Oregon 21.