Albany to streamline business license renewal process

Photo by J.D. Sumner

Photo by J.D. Sumner

ALBANY, Ga. -- The city of Albany is changing the way area business owners must renew their business licenses, Finance Director Kris Newton said.

Instead of an antiquated, back-and-forth process involving the mailing of thick packets of documents, the city will now send out customized, bright orange postcards that will allow business owners to go online and renew their licenses using only a credit card and the information on the orange card.

"Well, we know it's a hassle sending those packets out and having the business owners have to sign some papers and mail them back to us, then waiting on us to put the information into our computers before sending their license," Newton said. "This literally takes minutes and it's done."

Those who are aren't comfortable putting their credit card information out online -- or paying the processing fee charged by the company handling the transactions -- can still go to the website indicated on the card and download and print the forms and send them in with a check or drop them off downtown.

Business owners who aren't Internet-savvy also have the option of coming downtown and picking up the forms, should they need to.

First-time applicants seeking to start their own business in Albany can go to the city's website and download the proper forms, Newton said.