Lee County deputies bust two on drug charges

LEESBURG, Ga. -- What could have been a routine traffic stop put two Leesburg men in the Lee County Jail for marijuana possession with intent to distribute.

After seeing a man known not to have a license driving a blue Oldsmobile on the 100 block of Endoline Drive, a deputy stopped him on the 100 block of Acacia Court.

The driver, Ronntario L. Thompson, and his passenger, Jordy Byas, got out of the car as deputies requested, a Lee County Sheriff's Office report stated.

After dispatch confirmed Thompson, 18, had no license, a deputy told him he was under arrest, the report added.

"Ronntario (Thompson) proceeded to reach into his pocket and handed Jordy (Byas) a handful of money and other items. I noticed a clear baggy in the items handed Jordy," the deputy wrote in the report. "I placed both subjects in my patrol car and observed a clear baggy lying on the ground" near the car door.

According to the report, the clear baggy had several smaller clear bags in it. Each baggy contained a "green leafy substance."

Thompson and Byas are in the Lee County Jail, the report stated. Other charges filed are driving without a license and possession of tools for the commission of a crime.

The report also stated that a search of Byas' pockets gave deputies a digital scale. A search of the Oldsmobile turned up another digital scale.

A sheriff's office spokeswoman said the weight of the marijuana would not be known until the material comes back from laboratory testing. Pictures of the baggies suggested that the more than seven baggies contained an ounce each.

The website priceofweed.com put the average price of medium-quality marijuana at $120 an ounce in Georgia Thursday.

Once in jail Byas became "aggressive," falling to the floor and refusing to move "and began flopping and throwing his arms in the air," the report stated. He was Tasered for three seconds and led to a cell.


chinaberry25 3 years, 7 months ago

This stop seems fishy. Known by whom?? Lee County is getting to be a place for illegal searches and I hate to see that happen. This did not happen under Breeden and I may look at voting for Cheshire. This is not the way I want my county to be handled. I still remember the hired helicopter when they found 3 pot plants. The blacks at ASU need to be protesting matters like this,


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