Former QB Greene in town, talks UGA

Photo by Daniel Kay

Photo by Daniel Kay

ALBANY -- What's the first name that comes to mind when someone mentions recent Georgia Bulldogs football?

O.K., right now it's probably head coach Mark Richt.

But the second? That would likely be former star quarterback David Greene, who played in the NFL, broke the record (at the time) for winningest quarterback in Division I history (42) and, in 2002, led the Bulldogs to their first SEC championship since 1982.

So who better to get an opinion on Georgia's 6-7 season than Greene?

He took a brief moment at Thursday's 25th Annual Quail Unlimited Celebrity Hunt at Darton College to do just that.


HERALD: Do you agree that it was a disappointing season for Georgia fans?

GREENE: It was a tough year. Obviously everyone was disappointed with the outcome of the season and the final loss to Central Florida. It's tough, but (now) it's big year for recruiting. Hopefully we can get the ship turned around.


HERALD: You played under head coach Mark Richt for four years (2005-08), so do you still support him, or do you think the program needs a change?

GREENE: I think the world of Coach Richt. Clearly, I don't think he's forgotten how to coach overnight. There's just a couple of missing pieces. I don't think anyone knows exactly what it is, but we just have to find a way -- as an overall group -- to get back on track.


HERALD: What are you up to these days, besides hunting quail?

GREENE: I actually work with (former Georgia tackle) Matt Stinchcomb. We're in the insurance business and we do a lot of commercial insurance and stuff (along those lines). I also do a little bit of radio for the (Bulldogs) -- I did the post-game report (a few times). I have a wife and a son and another due pretty soon, so (life's) keeping me busy.