Latest beehive 'normal'

ALBANY -- European, honey-making, plant-pollinating honeybees call a residence on the 4000 block of Radium Springs Road home.

After the October death of a man attacked by Africanized "killer bees" and the discovery of two other similar swarms, officials feared that a hive discovered Jan. 7 could also be filled with the aggressive bees.

"I got the results of the tests and the bees we found they are the kind we want to have around," said Dale Richter, a local Georgia master beekeeper. "They are still at the house. The homeowner will decide if he wants them removed."

While clearing land with a bulldozer in October on the 1500 block of Williamsburg Road, 73-year-old Curtis Davis disturbed a nest of the first Africanized bees found in Georgia. The aggressive bees attacked and killed him.

Since then two other Africanized honeybee swarms were found by the Georgia Department of Agriculture near the clearing site. Those swarms were destroyed.