City delays decision on Mediacom building

ALBANY, Ga. -- The Albany City Commission delayed consideration of a proposal from Mediacom to accept a downtown building in lieu of $139,000 in franchise fees and penalties Tuesday.

The offer from Mediacom, which had been tentatively adopted on a split vote earlier this month during a non-binding work session, was not on the agenda for Tuesday's regular business meeting of the commission.

The commission must ratify any votes taken in work sessions during the regular night meetings in order for an ordinance or resolution to become law.

Assistant City Manager James Taylor said that following the work session, some on the commission requested that staff make additional efforts to quantify some of the data associated with the offer and a proposed health clinic city officials are eyeing to put in the location.

City officials were considering accepting the property -- which is valued on the property's tax card at around $216,000 but needs roof and other maintenance work expected to cost more than $60,000 -- as a possible home to the health clinic for city employees.

Taylor said city staff are now broadening the scope of the search for a possible home for the clinic and will bring back a broad range of options for consideration by the commission during their February work session.