Arguments to conclude in Simpson case today

ALBANY, Ga. -- A jury will hear final arguments today in the case of a man accused of beating his live-in girlfriend to death.

Monty C. Simpson, 56, stands accused of murdering Beverly Williams, 51, in their room at the Dollar Inn. Both sides wrapped up the evidence portion of the trial Tuesday in the Albany-Dougherty Judicial Building on Pine Avenue.

The prosecution spent nearly two days building a circumstantial case of many beatings leading to Williams' eventual murder by Simpson.

Police had earlier reported that Simpson called 911 about the attack and was at the scene when they arrived.

"The cause of death was strangulation associated with blunt-force trauma," said Kathy Fallin, assistant district attorney. "The only remaining hypothesis is that Mr. Simpson beat Ms. Williams to death."

Acting on his rights, Simpson declined to testify in his own behalf.

The defense offered two character witnesses for Simpson, who testified that Simpson is an honest man.

Richard Williams, Beverly Williams' husband, said he was aware of all the abuse his wife had undergone for the 17 years since she left him in Florida more than 18 years ago.

"She suffered from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) after hurricane Andrew," Richard Williams said. "She didn't just leave me and the children. This man (Simpson) manipulated her. He told her we didn't want her. She was taken advantage of."

Saying he was also a victim of PTSD due to the carnage of hurricane Andrew, Williams is on disability and could not afford to travel for the trial.

After final arguments scheduled for 9 a.m. today, the jury of nine women and five men, including two alternates, will begin deliberations.