Alleged child molester gets hearing

ALBANY, Ga. -- A man facing child molestation charges says his confession should be thrown out before he goes before a jury, said a court official.

Kenneth Kellam, 36, is in Dougherty County Jail waiting for his trial on child molestation charges, said Greg Edwards, district attorney for the Dougherty Judicial Circuit.

"He was advised of his rights and he admitted on audio tape that he planned to assault two boys," Edwards said. "The judge is going to review the tape in court at another hearing."

The date of the new hearing has not been set, said an assistant to Dougherty County Superior Court Judge Stephen Goss.

Edwards said that at a hearing before Goss on Thursday, Dougherty County Police Assistant Chief J.C. Phillips testified Kellam freely admitted to the crime after hearing his Miranda rights.

According to Edwards, Kellam had parked his van near Northside Elementary School in 2009 in an attempt to lure two boys he had been grooming with money into the van to watch videos. Police reported the van had a mattress and handcuffs bolted to the floor.

Edwards said, "He had a rolling house of horrors for molesting any children he got in there."

Kellam faces charges for not registering as a sex offender because he was convicted of falsely imprisoning a child somewhere in Florida, Edwards said.

Additional charges when he goes to court here are two counts of attempted aggravated child molestation and two counts child molestation, Edwards said.

"The first time he gave them money for candy," Edwards said. "The second time he wanted to get them in that van to watch a video and be assaulted."