Albany Area Chamber fortunate to hire Bowie

My congratulations to Catherine Glover and the Albany Area Chamber for attracting Deborah Bowie as senior director of public policy and communications. As the former president and CEO of the Birmingham Regional Chamber of Commerce and the person who recruited Deborah from Birmingham's City Hall about 10 years ago to serve as our vice president of community relations for the Birmingham Chamber, I think you're very fortunate to have someone of her ability working on behalf of Albany.

Deborah is bright, savvy and well-experienced in governmental relations. With her help, our chamber was able to build important bridges between the political establishment and business leaders of the Birmingham region, a seven-county area that included strong urban and rural constituencies. She was well-respected in the business community as a capable professional who could open doors, create dialogue and find common ground among different groups of citizens.

After I left the Birmingham Chamber to return to my home state of Kentucky, Deborah soon left the chamber for a great professional opportunity as chief of staff to the newly elected mayor of Birmingham. While the mayor subsequently created problems that led to his own political demise, Deborah maintained her personal and professional integrity and offered much-needed stability to municipal operations during that turbulent time.

I was enthusiastic when I heard the Albany Area Chamber had engaged Deborah to run its policy and communications operation. She'll be great in that role and will help Albany achieve great things.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Dave Adkisson is president and CEO of the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce at Frankfort, Ky.