Robert Cross eighth-graders lead the way on the 2011 CRCT scores

Photo by J.D. Sumner

Photo by J.D. Sumner

The amount of data available as of today from the CRCT 2011 is large. One set of numbers that stands out is the eighth grade school percenatges meeting of exceeding the standard. This is a look at the eighth grade only.

Eighth graders at Robert A. Cross Middle School scored the highest on all sections of the CRCT within the Albany metro area.

Eighth grade classes were tested in reading, English/language arts, math, science and social studies across the state.

The percentage of those students meeting or exceeding standards at Robert Cross are as follows:

Reading - 100%

English/Language Arts -100%

Math - 86.1%

Science - 84.9%

Social Studies - 98.2%

Lee County eighth graders had the second highest scores in the area. Those are :

Reading - 99.2%

English/Language Arts - 95.5%

Math - 83.2%

Science - 72.7%

Social Studies - 83%

Grade 8 math scores meeting or exceeding the standard for the state was 78%.

That percentage was topped in the Albany MSA by the schools above as well as Worth County Middle School with 82.8%

Eighth graders from Baker County had only 22.7% meet or exceed the standard in math.

Additional by-the-school data will be added to this story.