Turner biggest landowner

Photo by Laura Williams

Photo by Laura Williams

It may come as no surprise, but Atlanta's Ted Turner is the nation's largest landowner.

And, his purchase of a quail plantation in the area in 2010 helped him reach that status.

The Land Report magazine notes the top 100 landowners each year, and Turner tops this year's list.

According to the publication, Turner owns more than 2 million acres of land. That total was boosted by his purchase of Nonami Plantation near Albany.

Nonami Plantation added 8,800 acres to Turner's holdings.He purchased the property from Atlanta developer Tom Cousins, a longtime business associate and friend.

The Land Report says Turner had a longtime agreement with Cousins to purchase the Southwest Georgia quail plantation whenever Cousins decided to sell it.

The purchase by Turner means Nonami will be operated in an ecologically beneficial manner.The publication says Turner is known for being environmentally friendly, particularly in managing his more than 50,000 buffaloes. It's the largest private buffalo herd in the world.

Turner also owns 15 ranches in seven states.

While Turner is well known across the nation for his business and sports accomplishments and his former marriage to actress Jane Fonda, the rest of the names on the top 10 list are people and families that would not register even a rumble on the recognition scale.

For example, Red Emmerson is No. 2 on the list with 1.722 million acres. Ever heard of him? Didn't think so. He's primarily in the lumber business through the family's Sierra Pacific Industries.

HERITAGE HOTEL PLAN: There's just one thing about city government that I dislike more than giving my tax money to church groups who want to profit by getting into the housing business.

That one thing would be plans to possibly put more city money into the former Heritage House hotel on Oglethorpe.

John White may have some good plans if elected mayor, but he's off base in thinking it makes good business sense to renovate that property.

It won't make it as an upscale hotel, not in that location.

We, as taxpayers, are better off for the structure to be torn down and the lot leveled and sit unoccupied than to put more money into assisting current owners in redevelopment.

BAKER CONSTRUCTION: State Route 91 in Baker County will soon be getting a facelift.

The Georgia Department of Transportation has awarded Reeves Construction Co., based in Macon, a $2.7 million contract for the 15 miles of resurfacing.

In addition to the plant mix resurfacing, the project includes shoulder rehabilitation. The work begins north of County Road 51 and extends south of State Route 37.

Completion date is May 31.

NAME CHANGE: The CitiFinancial office at 2516-K Dawson Road in Albany is undergoing a name change.

CitiFinancial is becoming OneMain Financial.

Other than the name, branch manager Karen Berger said nothing else will change involving products and services.

Other employees there include Nancy Fisher, Michelle Bates, Renee Wlton and Marie Sims.


robmcd 3 years, 2 months ago

Turn the Heritage House mess into an upscale hotel? Really? For whom? All the rich people that visit Albany? LOL. That is nonsense.


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