Both sides of aisle play deficit politics

We hear the debates in Washington about solutions to our massive debt problems. Some may see this as a "duel" between two political parties, each determined to have their way. Yet, they are remarkably bipartisan. Primarily what you hear is the joint identification of the problem, "Seniors are ruining this country's finances with their 'entitlement mentality' and expectations of a return on their Social Security Taxes paid throughout their working lives, and the continuing availability of Medicare." Wicked, selfish seniors.

Do you wonder why other problems are not considered? Pure politics. How much mention do you hear of reducing the deficit by:

- Immediately capping Washington salaries, especially congressional salaries, and benefits at their present level;

- Providing that Congress receives raises only by consent of taxpayers;

- Redefining congressional leave/vacation policies, establishing absence from work policies similar to that of the average working taxpayer;

- Providing that Congress may no longer pass legislation that doesn't impact them individually as it impacts every taxpayer of this nation;

- No more earmarks;

- Immediately doing away with corporate welfare at all levels;

- Getting Tough about Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid fraud;

- Redefining our "foreign aid" policies so we no longer financially support dictatorships;

- Immediately passing a balanced-budget amendment;

- Immediately passing Fair Tax legislation?

That should be enough for starters.

But don't hold your breath. As citizens and taxpayers, work to change the system. We need all the help we can get!