Dougherty school failings need probing

Why has The Herald and WALB not demanded a state investigation into the actions of the DCSS? Where are the civic organizations? Is the state's attorney not concerned over the shenanigans going on? Why are we not demanding better performance? And why oh why has no one contacted the governor?

We have people being promoted into positions they are not qualified for (after being removed from another position due to poor performance); a superintendant that was ranked near the bottom on the qualification list, but was hired anyway; the highest millage rate of any county in the state, and yet one of the lowest performing on test scores.

This has been in front of us for a long time, but my complaint comes after the cashier at Walmart could not count out the correct change due to me. After the machine gave them the calculation, I actually had to interpret what the cashier was saying for my wife, who could not understand what they were saying (I had to ask twice myself).

I have seen local teachers and coaches on TV who, when speaking, have such poor diction and grammar that they are not understandable. If this is the norm for DCSS, then the standard for teachers and staff must be raised.

With few exceptions our students cannot count, they cannot speak properly and the overall education here is dismal at best. Yet we want to attract industry?