Politicians plundering Social Security funds

The mostly vermin that have inhabited the White House and halls of government have for generations manipulated the law to facilitate their raids on SSI. No different than business as usual, they mismanage the revenues paid through taxes on self-serving agendas to garner political wealth power and influence, which they peddle to the highest bidder.

We listen as they prattle on daily about the great and dispirit financial crisis which Americans now have to deal with. They tell us we need to tighten our belts and dig in; all the while silent about the fact that it is their gross mismanagement for political gain and personal wealth that has brought us to this edge of bottomless abyss.

They refuse to address the $500 billion they give annually to illegal aliens for goods and services to which hard working Americans have no access. They refuse to address the generations of able-bodied welfare recipients who have given up self reliance in favor of reliance on government for everything they need. This has become a culture which believes it is entitled. Each generation has handed down to the next all their expertise in wringing every last cent they can from the welfare system and ultimately from the pockets of hard working Americans.

They refuse because to acknowledge would jeopardize a huge voting bloc for election, and a huge cheap labor force for their special interests, such as agriculture, more members for church congregations and union dues. And who has paid for welfare and life support for illegal aliens? Those 49 percent of Americans who choose to take responsibility for their own lives, pay for the rest who don't.

So now to put a bandage on the gaping wound they have inflicted on true hardworking American taxpayers, they wish to plunder the SSI program once again through reductions of benefits for a program we were forced to pay for our whole working lives.