Cocaine dealers found guilty, sentenced

CAMILLA, Ga. -- In the latest trial term for Mitchell County Superior Court, four cocaine dealers received guilty verdicts and heavy terms in prison, according to a court report.

"Four cases were of significant note this term," the report stated. "All four of the defendants were charged with sale of cocaine. All four defendants were found guilty and sentenced to substantial prison time."

According to the report, Kendrick Cowart received recidivist status at trial because of three previous convictions. Cowart must serve 25 years in prison without any chance of early release.

Antonio Spicer, Clemon Huntly and Leonard Denison IV must serve 10 years in prison and 15 years on probation, according to the court information. The Board of Pardons and Paroles will determine how long the men must spend in prison.

Informants and video recorded drug transactions were used by the Pelham Police Department and the Mitchell County Sheriff's Office to obtain evidence against the men in Pelham and Baconton.

The court report stated that in Pelham "the drug dealers were openly selling and openly turning the area into an open-air (drug) market.

The drug transactions often occurred in close proximity to public low-income housing and public schools."

There were at least another 10 drug dealers who were arrested, charged and pleaded guilty, the report stated. All the drug dealers' sentences included time in custody and lengthy probation, it added.