Catt to release 'Courageous Living' Sept. 1

Photo by Carly Farrell

Photo by Carly Farrell

ALBANY, Ga. -- With the film "Courageous" due out this fall, the officials at Sherwood Baptist Church have another work they are prepping for release.

Michael Catt, the church's senior pastor, is authoring a book titled "Courageous Living -- Dare to Take a Stand."

The book will be a companion to the anticipated "Courageous" film, for which Catt is one of the executive producers.

The film centers on a group of law enforcement officers who, after tragedy strikes one of them, resolve to be better husbands, fathers and leaders.

In the book, Catt assesses today's culture and the need for "godly men."

In so doing, he provides examples from the Bible, including Abraham, Moses, Joshua and Gideon.

" 'Courageous Living' is a book that follows some of the characters in the Bible who faced courage," the author said. "You would think of them as ordinary people who stepped up in a moment of crisis.

"The film deals primarily with fathers. This takes a broader approach."

The timing of the book is something that goes beyond the release of the movie.

"It's a time that we are immersed in fear," Catt said. "There is always uncertainty. We can hide under our blankets or (have faith) that God will get us through this."

Catt has also written "Prepare for Rain," "Fireproof Your Life," "The Power of Desperation," "The Power of Persistence" and "The Power of Surrender."

"I hope that this book will encourage people to look at themselves to say: 'We can do better,' " he said.

"Courageous Living" is available for preorder leading up to its Sept. 1 release. A companion four-week Bible study curriculum kit is available from B&H Publishing.

"(The curriculum kit) is, so after someone leaves the movie, there is something to help them take the next step," Catt explained.

The film focuses on law enforcement officers Adam Mitchell, Nathan Hayes and their partners in their struggle in tackling fatherhood.

It will be the fourth release for Sherwood Pictures.

With the film's production now complete, officials are now in the process of conducting screenings with key leaders and ministries.

"Everything is progressing well; we are getting positive feedback," Catt said. "The reviews at the screenings, by far, have exceeded our expectations."

The film is slated for a release date of Sept. 30.

The director is Alex Kendrick and the producer is his brother, Stephen Kendrick. Mark Willard did the score.

The ministry's last release, "Fireproof," came out in 2008 and became the top independent film of that year. Sherwood's other films are "Facing the Giants" (2006) and "Flywheel" (2003).

Even after the success of "Fireproof," Sherwood officials aren't making predictions on how "Courageous" will do from a financial aspect.

"The key is that, if it is a good story to tell, it will be a good film," Sherwood's senior pastor said. "The main concern is that we can impact families."

To date, the profits from the films have been used to develop Legacy Park, as well as other ministries within Sherwood, and missions through the North American Mission Board, church officials say.

"We are trying to invest in ministries, whether it's here or halfway around the world," Catt said.

Sherwood Pictures is led by a four-person team including Catt, the Kendrick brothers and Jim McBride -- the church's executive pastor and the other executive producer of "Courageous."

Tickets for the film are available for purchase in advance on www.fandango.com.


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