311 accepting 'Do Not Solicit' requests now

ALBANY, Ga. -- Albany residents who don't want to be bothered by most door-to-door sales people can now register for the city's "Do Not Solicit" list by calling 311, city officials said Friday.

Last month, the Albany City Commission adopted an overhaul to its anti-solicitation ordinance that called for the creation of a citywide "Do Not Solicit" list.

Cindy Tiernan, director of the city's 311 information system, said the registration process is simple.

"It's really just a matter of calling 311 and giving us your information, and we'll put you on the list," Tiernan said. "Right now, we update the list every Monday."

Neighborhood watch groups can also submit a list of their members' names, addresses and telephone numbers to Tiernan to include on the list.

Solicitors, on the other hand, must register with the city's Code Enforcement department, where they'll be given a special form of identification and be provided with the link to the list on the city's website.

The ordinance bans certain types of solicitors from calling on homes, subdivisions or apartment complexes that have posted "No soliciting" signs or have signed up on the list.

It also requires would-be solicitors to go through a background check before having their application for a permit granted.

The ordinance doesn't apply to law enforcement, educational or religious organizations.