Leadership change needed at all levels

Our government borrows 40 percent of every dollar it spends (Tom Raum, July 16, The Albany Herald). It is a fact that 40 percent of our borrowed money is wasted by our government.

The borrowed money is wasted on fraud welfare recipients, so-called programs for education, health care for irresponsible citizens/non-citizens, teenagers/adults who have and continue to have babies out of wedlock, ones who abuse their bodies with alcohol and drugs, and families who instill in their children that Uncle Sugar (government) will always provide funds and programs for them to survive without working.

We import from foreign countries trinkets and clothes to be sold in our supermarkets and chain stores at a fraction of the cost for us to produce. It would cost more to manufacture these items at home, but it would put our population back to work. They would be paying taxes and get off the welfare system, which would eliminate having to borrow money, so they could stop sitting at home looking for a check from Uncle Sugar. Government officials will say, "This isn't as easy as it sounds." I say, "You all have worked overtime getting us there, so now get us out of this financial mess." The national debt would begin to decline and so would our taxes.

How do we help? We need to get over the racial divide and begin to elect government officials on all levels who will respond and govern this nation fairly for all of us. All of this rhetoric when we proclaim, "We are the greatest nation on Earth" is pure hogwash talk, 'cause we ain't. Used to be, but no more. Let's change and elect positive leadership in our government that will take us back to the top.