Kaufmann Tire to build in midtown

ALBANY, Ga. -- Kauffman Tire, a retail tire company with more than 48 stores throughout the Southeastern United States will add No. 49 in Albany, officials said Tuesday.

The company will go through the permitting process after the Albany City Commission Tuesday voted to amend the city's zoning map to change the zoning classification of a parcel of land off Pine Avenue near its intersection with Slappey Boulevard from general mixed-use business district classification to a commercial district classification.

Store representative John Weaver told commissioners that the store is set to be built on a parcel of land just behind the existing Walgreens Pharmacy.

The stores are mostly centered around the metro Atlanta area and the Tampa, Fla., area, but Weaver said Tuesday that the company is hoping to close the corridor between the two by developing its presence in Southwest and South Central Georgia.