First hospital stay a positive experience

Recently I was admitted to Phoebe Putney Hospital with a serious issue with blood clots. Because of the nature of my physical condition, they thought it wise to admit me to SICU.

I was in that unit from Thursday until Sunday.

From the moment I was wheeled into my room I was overwhelmed with the kindness, professionalism and genuine care and concern each staff member and doctor had for my wellbeing. I never felt the slightest bit of hesitancy or resistance to them making sure my needs were being meet. I continued to be impressed as shift changes took place. Day and night personnel were equally as competent.

On Sunday I was transferred to the 4th floor. After the great service and attention I had received in SICU I must admit I was concerned about whether the 4th floor could match the standards I had come to expect. In short order I learned my concerns were unfounded.

The personnel on 4 were equal to the outstanding performance SICU personnel had demonstrated during the prior 3 days. I was on 4 from Sunday until Thursday and overall had as high a degree of competent and professional treatment as I had received in SICU.

I have lived in Albany for 22 years and had never been hospitalized at Phoebe for anything other than outpatient care. This was my first experience as an over-nighter and it would be difficult to improve on my overall satisfaction with my stay. (Hospital bed comfort excluded.) If I had received the opportunity to have pre-written a script for my time at Phoebe, there would have been only minor changes in what I would have written and what actually occurred.

My heartfelt thanks and appreciation goes out to all the professional, caring medical staff and every person involved in patient care and services at Phoebe. It was my wish to express my gratitude to each person who cared for me prior to being discharged, but if I failed, I hope they will accept this letter as my heartfelt appreciation for how they cared for me. I thank God for them.