ASU promotes Joyner to O-C, hires veteran coach Livingston to oversee offensive line

Photo by Danny Aller

Photo by Danny Aller

ALBANY -- It's official -- Uyl Joyner will be the offensive coordinator for the Albany State football team.

Head coach Mike White, speaking at Friday's 12th annual Quarterback Club Kickoff Football Reception, confirmed the rumors that have been floating around for weeks when he announced Joyner as such.

"He is a good, intelligent football coach," White said of Joyner. "This will be 28 seasons for me coaching, and the guys who I can call out who I have met who are football smart like that, I can count them on one hand and cut a few fingers off. He is one of those guys who can see and recognize what is happening on the field very quickly."

The Herald first reported Wednesday that Joyner had been named the Rams' new O-C after seeing Joyner's name listed as such in ASU's information packet at the SIAC Kick-Off luncheon in Atlanta. But White said the listing was made in error and that no final decision had been made, although he added Joyner was "the leading candidate."

Joyner, who led Dougherty to a state title in 1998 and signed with Troy State out of high school before returning to Albany to play QB for ASU, has been the team's quarterbacks coach for the last two years. Under Joyner's direction, Rams quarterbacks have won the last two SIAC MVP awards (A.J. McKenna, 2009, and Stanley Jennings, 2010).

Joyner replaces Steve Smith, who left the offensive coordinator's position after two years for a job at Division I Tennessee State.

During Friday's reception, Joyner said he will try to stay with the same basic approach to offensive schemes that Smith had -- one Smith dubbed the "Gold Rush" offense -- with just some minor changes.

"Right now, being this late in the year, we don't want to make any wholesale changes," said Joyner, who will also remain quarterbacks coach. "There are going to be some changes, because the person (as the new offensive coordinator) changes. My head coach from high school said you have to be fired and hired by what you do. That's the way I'm looking at it. I am going to be hired or fired by what I do.

"(But for the most part) there won't be any major changes. We want to keep our guys going forward. We don't want to back up too many steps."



ASU officials also confirmed Friday that Lawrence Livingston will be hired as the Rams' offensive line coach.

Livingston, who will officially join ASU at practice next week, was the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at Morgan State University last season.

He has coached in the college ranks since 1983, when he began his career as the offensive line coach at Weber State. Since then, he has coached at nine schools, including as offensive line coach at Army (1988), Washington State (1995-97) and Wyoming (2001-02); head coach at Earlham (2003-04) and UTEP (2004-07); running backs coach at Texas A&M (1998-99) and tight ends coach at Arizona (2000).

He also starred on the OL at Weber State as a player.