Men sentenced on threats, child pornography charges

ALBANY, Ga. -- Two men were sentenced to prison time for child pornography and one man headed to prison for threats against government employees this week in federal courts.

Michael J. Moore, U.S. attorney for the Middle District of Georgia Friday announced sentences handed down by federal judges.

Tommy Lee Rogers, 61, of Cordele, faces three years in prison followed by three years supervised release after Judge W. Louis Sands pronounced sentence Thursday in Albany.

According to Moore's report, a jury convicted Rogers in April of threatening to assault federal employees at the Cordele Social Security office and transmitting a threat through interstate commerce.

The report stated, "Evidence presented at trial showed that on June 10, 2010, Rogers was speaking by phone with representatives of a law firm in Indiana about having been denied Social Security disability benefits. When he was told that he did not qualify for disability benefits, Rogers became angry and said he was going to kill or hurt someone by driving his truck through the Social Security office building in Cordele. "The law firm representatives conveyed the threat to the manager of the Social Security office in Cordele, who in turned called 911. Police officers responded and located Rogers approximately two blocks from the Social Security office. Rogers had lost control of his truck and hit a concrete retaining wall alongside the ditch of an alley."

At sentencing, Rogers' attorney, Mark T. Phillips, cited Rogers' clean record and his tours of duty as a Marine in Vietnam to establish Rogers' character.

Showing remorse during sentencing, Rogers said, "I am very sorry and I humbly ask you and the state of Georgia to forgive me. I didn't mean for all this to happen."

While sentencing guidelines called for a minimum of 4.25 years in prison, Sands considered Rogers' record and Vietnam service.

"Judge Sands determined that the three-year sentence was adequate to provide just punishment and to reflect the seriousness of the offense," Moore said.

Judge Hugh Lawson on Wednesday sentenced William S. Buchanan, 69, and Robert Tuck, 65, both of Valdosta to prison terms of 8 and 6 and a half years, respectively, for possession of child pornography.

Although the cases were unrelated, each suspect stipulated in plea agreements "that through the use of a computer he possessed more than 600 images of minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct and that some of the videos and images involved prepubescent minors and children under the age of 12 years," stated Moore's report.

Moore added, "With every photograph, a child was victimized; and every time these photos were viewed, the child was victimized again.

This office will speak up for child victims and will spare no effort to see that those who prey on them go to jail."