Propane fuel means cleaner air

Photo by Pete Skiba

Photo by Pete Skiba

ALBANY, Ga. -- Hearing from one of their own, Exchange Club of Albany members learned the advantages of using propane gas for fuel Friday at their lunch meeting.

The advantages turned out to be both environmentally green and folding cash green, according to Mark Holloway, vice president of Modern Gas.

"Using propane gas lowers toxic greenhouse gases by 35 percent and carcinogens by 80 to 90 percent," Holloway said. "Propane (generally) costs 20 to 30 percent less than gas."

The major part of Holloway's computer presentation covered the use of propane gas to run lawnmowers of various sizes.

A Texas-based video outlined the advantages to landscaping businesses to switch to propane. The advantages could easily translate into savings for a resident with a lawn mower for his property.

The use of propane means fewer oil changes, no spillage and an engine that runs at a cooler temperature, according to the video.

Because the fuel tank is exchanged rather than refilled by the user, there is much less chance of water or dirt getting into fuel lines and the carburetor.

The advantages of propane gas led to what Holloway called a success story. Merry Acres Landscaping and Lawn Management switched to propane for its equipment.

"We don't sell lawn mowers," Holloway said, "but we will sell you the gas."

Just as automotive gas prices fluctuate, so do the prices of propane fuel. On Friday it would cost about $2.36 for a gallon of propane for a lawn mower, Holloway said. Part of the savings is a result of having 90 percent of propane domestically produced, he added.

Holloway said, "I think the country is continuing to go green with alternate fuels and we will quit sending our wealth to foreign countries."