Drug unit confiscates 1.3 pounds spice drug

Jasen Whitaker, 27,was booked into Dougherty County Jail February 23 on charges of possession of an illegal drug, according to a jail spokeswoman.

Whitaker was released on $3,220 bail, she added.

After a traffic stop by Albany-Dougherty Drug Unit agents on February 1agents had to wait to arrest Whitaker on drug charges because there is no field test for the drug known as "spice" or "K-2," said Maj. Bill Berry drug unit commander.

The wholesale value of the 601. 7 grams of the drug seized was $6,000, Berry said. The retail value could be as much as $30,000, he added.

"We have had undercover agents buy a half-gram for as much as $25," Berry said.

K-2, spice or synthetic marijuana was outlawed in Georgia when then Gov. Sonny Perdue signed the law in May.