Leadership gets boost at APD

Photo by Barry Levine

Photo by Barry Levine

ALBANY -- The leadership ranks at the Albany police Department grew by six Monday night.

At a ceremony in the Law Enforcement Center starting at 6 p.m. four officers received their lieutenant's bars and two officers received their sergeant's insignia.

"This is about leadership," said James L. Taylor, interim city manager, speaking at the ceremony. "It is significant that you have progressed so far. By the insignia on your sleeves and collars you are now recognized as leaders."

Those recognized for their leadership qualities by the promotion to lieutenant were Bryan Lavoie, Tony Moore, Michael Persley and Carmelita Preston.

Rising to the rank of sergeant were Ernest Thompson and Terrance Whitlock.

Taylor encouraged the newly promoted to lead from the front of the ranks. He said they would do well to take action rather than talk about what they could do.

It would be by their vision, honor, courage and commitment to their duties and responsibilities that they would lead their subordinates, Taylor added. Those qualities would also allow them to rise higher in the department's ranks.

"When you prioritize, plan and execute the APD wins," Taylor said. "Then Albany wins, Georgia wins and the country wins (against crime)."

Chief Proctor said that one of the problems he faced when taking over the department almost two years ago was an absence of good leadership.

"Our folks are starving for leadership," Proctor said. "Your roles as sergeants and lieutenants, the leaders closest to the troops, is to be role models and leaders. Dedication to duty. It is a calling."