Unload the baggage in your life

Photo by Vicki Harris

Photo by Vicki Harris

I believe you can fly."

Sometimes you have to pack light before you can take flight. When you are trying to go somewhere, you can't always pack your luggage to the max. No matter how neatly you fold, or how strategically you place the contents, sometimes the load is just too heavy.

Imagine that you were stopped by security before boarding a plane, bus, ship, or train for a luggage inspection and weigh in. Due to weight restrictions on individual baggage, you are told that you had to decide which contents you really wanted to keep and that the others would have to be shipped back to your home.

You realize that you have been faced with two options. 1) You can determine that the restriction policy is ridiculous and forego your trip, Or, 2) You can open up the bags and start sorting through your things to determine what stays and what goes.

Now imagine that scenario taking place at the security checkpoint of your life. What things would you keep and what things would you let go? What is causing your load to be too heavy?

Is it failed relationships, jealous "frienemies", or other people's expectations of you? Is it family who do not want anything more for themselves, but fault you because you do? Is it the insecurities from childhood teasing, the fear of failing, or the pain from the loss of someone you loved? Is it the habits you can't seem to kick, the decade-old feud, or that "on again-off again" significant other of yours?

It may be time for you to unload the baggage.

Relationships end sometimes, and not always for your bad, but for your growth. Consider the lessons you learned from those experiences. Take those with you, but let the person, the guilt, and the self-pity go.

Take inventory of those you keep around you and learn that true friends will endeavor to celebrate and not sabotage your accomplishments.

Realize that you cannot be all things to all people-not even some of the time. Cut loose those strings; there's no more room for a puppet.

Naysayers and dream slayers don't only come from the outside as one may expect. Sadly, it is often those within our very own families who attempt to make you feel bad for not accepting the "good enough" life as they have. Unload it and go on your journey because when you come back to visit, they'll be in the very same place, still.

It may be that your family does not support or believe in what you do. Unload it, because as the song says "sometimes you have to encourage yourself."

Celebrate the person you've become despite the teasing of your childhood. Confidence comes in a much lighter package than insecurities.

Fear of failing will hold you back from a lot of opportunities to succeed. It is dead weight. Let it go.

I know that it can be incredibly painful to lose someone you love, but rather than be crippled by the grief, think of what your loved one would have wanted for you. Begin to heal.

Old habits and old feuds are cancerous to new beginnings.

Learn to be significant to yourself, and let the "other" go.

To avoid a delay to the next phase of your life, pack light and make room for all the good that awaits you.

Be encouraged.

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