Worth County teacher arrested for battery

Photo by Laura Williams

Photo by Laura Williams

SYLVESTER, Ga. -- A Worth County elementary school teacher has been arrested after allegedly assaulting a 13-year-old boy and threatening him using vulgar language, a Sylvester Police Department report states.

Police said Karen Elizabeth Newsome, 40, went into Worth County Middle School at about 3:30 p.m. last Friday apparently looking for the boy who had an altercation with her son, also a student at the middle school.

She "entered the middle school in a very irate manner," the report stated. "She approached the juvenile who grabbed her son and grabbed him by the by the shirt."

The report goes on to quote profanity as it states Newsome threatened the student with harm.

"At that time she grabbed the juvenile very aggressively in the chest area forcing him further back into the chair," the report said.

Gwendolyn Tuten received a call about the attack on her son and pressed charges against Newsome, a teacher at Worth County Elementary School, the report said.

Newsome was charged with disrupting a public school and simple battery, the report stated. The incident was witnessed by the school principal and a secretary, police said.

"I think she should be fired," Tuten said. "You don't know what she will do, whose child she will attack next."

Worth County Board of Education representative Heather Faircloth did not answer questions about the arrest or Newsome's background.

School superintendent Barbara Thomas replied by e-mail: "The The board has been made aware of the situation, and will be handling it according to the policy and procedures of the Worth County Board of Education and the State Board of Education."

The teacher has been released on $3,000 bond.