Officials building Applejax case

ALBANY, Ga. -- City officials are building their case against an East Albany bar where two men were stabbed to death earlier this month.

City Attorney Nathan Davis and Code Enforcement officials, along with the Albany Police Department, are researching options to present to the Albany City Commission next month.

Two men were stabbed to death in the parking lot on March 3 in what prosecutors say was self-defense during an attempted robbery.

Willie Frank Lowe was cleared in the stabbing deaths of Jerro Toye, 23, and Joshua O'Neal Walls, 22, by a grand jury which determined that the two were killed by Lowe when they attempted to rob him.

A third person, who was allegedly with Toye and Walls, is being sought for questioning and could face murder charges, Edwards said.

Davis said Tuesday that revoking the bar's liquor license would effectively shut the business down.

"Effectively, that's what would happen," Davis said. "A bar that couldn't sell alcohol would have a hard time keeping the doors open."

While the commission has the ultimate say on whether to pull the license, it wouldn't be the first time the body has taken such measures to close down a place it has deemed a threat to public safety.

Brickhouse Productions was closed after LaSheldon Stanford was killed in the parking lot of its establishment on Feb. 14, 2010. Prior to the decision, a hearing was held in which studio operators tried to make the case that they had taken measures to secure the location, even hiring private security to keep the establishment safe.

But repeated calls for police to the studio, as well as evidence that there were repeated code violations, prompted the commission to revoke Brickhouse's alcohol permit, forcing the establishment to close.