Praise young females so as to fill their plate with confidence

Photo by Vicki Harris

Photo by Vicki Harris

What do you suppose is the number one rule in grocery shopping? I think it has to be-

"Do not shop while hungry." Right?

From my experience, it is a bad idea to go grocery shopping when you are hungry because, for one, you are likely to get a bunch of stuff you don't really need and probably a lot of what you really don't want also. Secondly, it ends up costing you more than what you wanted to spend which can do damage to your budget or make you feel like you've wasted money.

One solution is to eat just before your trip to the grocery store. That way, you are full and more focused and alert to make better decisions about what you need and what you want. You can walk away feeling good about yourself and your choices and your budget remains pretty intact.

At the heart of many of the stories of young women who have fallen victim to "feeding on garbage" is the mistake of shopping while hungry. I think that young girls and young women need to be "full" before they entertain becoming involved with romantic interests. Being "full" is about knowing ones worth and having the focus to make good decisions about who and what to allow in one's life.

I use the example of a starving person. If another person comes and put a plate of food in front of him or her, what do you think the starving person is going to do?

Why, eat, of course. Giving little, if any, consideration at all to what is actually on that plate. The person is starving, so they simply accept what has been given to them-out of desperation.

I think that parents should help their daughters to feed on a big 'ole plate of "I'm beautiful with all of my imperfections smothered in 'I love me' with a side of 'I am worth a person's best' and "eat" until they are full.

Starvation clouds judgment. It weakens the senses. It makes you vulnerable to deception and susceptible to a damaged sense of self. However, when young girls and young women have eaten at home, they don't feel the need to "eat" whatever is placed in front of them. They become selective in their choosing. "I don't want that." They become keener in their senses. "That doesn't smell right."

In essence, they already know how special, how beautiful, and how smart they are and are therefore not dependent upon a young boy or young man or anyone else to validate them in anyway. When young girls and young women are full, they are able to decipher through what's real and what's really "garbage".

Then, they are able to walk away feeling good about themselves and their choices and their self-respect and self-esteem are left pretty intact.

Be encouraged.

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