EPD picks Lee County for watershed award

ATLANTA, Ga. -- Lee County Code Enforcement officer Jim Wright is meeting with state Environmental Protection Division officials here today to accept an EPD Watershed Award on behalf of the county.

State officials notified Lee Planning and Engineering Director Bob Alexander that Lee County had been chosen to receive the award.

"This award reflects the work of a lot of departments and individuals in the county," Wright said Friday. "It would not have been possible without the efforts of citizens in the county all the way up to the support of the Lee County Commission.

"This (award) is not something we applied for. Honestly, I didn't know it existed until I found out we'd been chosen to receive it. It's for the things we've done in the county to improve and protect our watershed."

Wright noted that such efforts as the county's Rivers Alive cleanup, regular outflow inspections that regulate chemicals that might be released into waterways and the county's stormwater management plan were among the areas that gained EPD's attention.

Wright, who will also attend classes on new water laws and landscaping reconstruction during the weekend summit, praised a number of groups for their contributions to the county's watershed efforts.

"We couldn't make our inspections without the help of the fire department, and Public Works contributes greatly to what we do," he said. "Of course, Mr. Alexander heads up our programs, the County Commission supports us in all that we do, and there are a number of citizens who are actively involved in our efforts.

"This is not about any individual or any one group. It's about our county working together to protect our valuable resources. We've got a very good program going, and we're going to continue to work to make it even better."