Herald, Fox 31 launch collaboration

Photo by Carly Farrell

Photo by Carly Farrell

ALBANY,Ga. -- The Albany Herald and Albany television station WFXL are collaborating in what the heads of both companies say will be the first of many facets of a news-gathering partnership to boost content for their respective viewers and subscribers.

Mike Gebhart, publisher and president of The Albany Herald, and Fox-31 President and CEO Brenda Holloway announced the collaborative effort Tuesday.

Initially, The Herald will incorporate weather forecasts by WFXL Chief Meteorologist Mike Morrison on its Page 2A each day.

Fox 31 will preview content running in the next morning's Herald on its 10 p.m. news broadcasts.

The collaboration is set to begin in mid to late April.

Holloway, who is the station's new general manager, said Gebhart and The Herald were cordial to her when she first got to town, and interaction has led to a desire for more collaborative efforts.

"Being the media outlets we are, there are a lot of things that we can do to enhance the media experience here in Albany," Holloway said.

"Real simply put, we can provide a broader depth of news to the community by partnering and sharing resources," Gebhart said.

While news-gathering among Albany's three traditional media agencies is usually a full-contact sport in terms of getting it first, getting it fast and getting it right, both Gebhart and Holloway said there is no reason collaborative efforts can't be made while still keeping a sense of healthy competition.

From the weather perspective, FOX 31 will provide another way for The Herald to provide the most accurate and up-to-date weather information from a source right here in Albany.

"We'll have a better forecast than what you had before, because we're not forecasting from somewhere outside of the area, we're doing it right here in Albany," Morrison said.

Both news agencies are focused on gathering news, sports and weather content, primarily in the Albany metropolitan area. Both Gebhart and Holloway said they believe bringing the resources of both organizations to bear in accomplishing that mission will have a positive impact on their respective audiences.