Man arrested for repair scam

Photo by Carly Farrell

Photo by Carly Farrell

ALBANY, Ga. -- It was a simple deal: Give an Albany man money, and he'll repair or replace a broken air conditioner.

Jimmy Kentrell Williams, 43, was arrested March 16 because he kept the money and didn't repair or replace several air conditioners, said Dougherty County Sheriff's Office Capt. Craig Dodd.

Williams was released on $10,500 bail Friday, a jail spokeswoman said.

"He would go to a location and establish that he would replace or repair an air conditioner," Dodd said. "He would get $800 or $1,200 down and never return."

Williams was charged with multiple counts of theft by deception, Dodd said. He got six people to hand over more than $5,000 in down payments and never delivered.

Williams also kept a few of his customers stringing along as he would buy parts or air conditioners at a flea market and say the parts or the air conditioners were new, Dodd said.

After receiving complaints, deputies arrested Williams at his 1812 Melrose Drive home, said sheriff's Lt. Mickey Bradford. Williams had been duping people for about a year.

"We believe there are more victims out there," Dodd said. "We would like them to come forward. The worst part is that he targeted seniors and working people. People took out loans to get their air conditioners repaired."

Williams, who didn't have a business or air conditioner repair license, got his customers by word of mouth, Dodd said.

Dodd said area citizens would be well-advised to contact the Better Business Bureau about repair mechanics and to check for licenses.

To report scams by Williams or anyone else, people should call the Sherriff's Office at (229) 431-3222.