Mom's wisdom passed forward

Photo by Vicki Harris

Photo by Vicki Harris

In a little flowered notebook, no bigger than a postcard, are handwritten notes I leave for myself. Funny things I hear. Interesting trivia I come across. Quotes that I want to stick with me.

On a page about halfway through, scribbled in blue ink and scrawled part ways in the margin, is one of my favorites -- There is no way to be a perfect mother, and a million ways to be a good one. I didn't write down who said it, or where I heard it. I just liked it.

One of those million ways to be a good mother is to share good advice with our children, I believe. My mother has given me tons of good advice. Pick your battles. Good girls don't let their bra straps show. Much, much more.

In honor of Mother's Day, I thought it would be nice to see what sound advice other mothers have given their children through the years. Here's a big thank you to my Facebook friends who shared their mamas' good advice. One thing's for sure... mama certainly knows best...

Keep God first. Judge others for yourself, not through hearsay - Pamela J.

We were talking to mama about people adopting kids. Told her it would be hard to adopt cause you never knew what you may get. She said," Do you think I knew what I was getting when I had y'all?" Mary G.

In a marriage you have to give 50/50, but mama knew to have a successful one you had to give 100 percent of yourself - Rodney H.

If you want to sing, then try to sound like Perry Como - Eddie M.

God watches how you spend his money - Bonnie H.

Don't beat a dead horse. Address the problem, express your feelings, find the solution, move on - Rhonda G.

If you can't say anything nice.....don't say anything at all - Claudia H. and Ralph H.

Mama said if I squandered my money, remember this, "I'll never let you starve, but you will sure think you are going to before I bail you out." - Dianne G.

Pretty is, is pretty does. - Sheila M. and Polly S.

Marry young, have your children while you are young and broke and then you'll still be young enough when they are gone to enjoy life when you have a little money - Mary S.

If you want to keep that gum .. then stop smacking it - Christy W.

Always remember, there are three in a marriage - you, your spouse, and God - Mary S.

Hate's a strong word - Kim G.

Treat your peers with respect - David B.

Be kind to everyone - Connie R.

Just because it fits doesn't mean you should wear it - Amanda S.

Drink to the right - eat to the left - Skylar M.

When you are with a boy, always keep one foot on the floor - Debbie A.

Always have a dime in your pocket for the pay phone....you may always call me for a ride! - Polly S.

No matter how bad things seem, they will be better in the morning - Carol B.

Never pay full price for anything. And, if you don't NEED it, don't buy it - Marlene C.

1. Be sweet. 2. Don't think that you can change anyone -- that's not your job - Barbara J.

Always wear a slip - Carol B.

Never, ever leave the house without a little lipstick - Shelly O.

Look up and expect good things to happen. - Sandra M.

To have a good friend, you have to be a good friend - Margaret B.

Elevate the positive; eliminate the negative - Bubba I.

Smile! - Carolyn H.

Never lie, cheat or steal - and if you lie with dogs you get fleas - Hillary M.

"Be sweet, Buck" - Bucky S.

Don't think you can change a man ... they don't change ...- Claudia H.

Don't sweat the small stuff ... and it's all small stuff - Stephanie T.

Great advice from great mothers. Mama really does know best.

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