Crowdis suggests three unpaid holidays to allow three paid for employees

Photo by J.D. Sumner

Photo by J.D. Sumner

ALBANY, Ga. -- Dougherty County Administrator Richard Crowdis proposed Friday that the County Commission consider designating three additional unpaid holidays to balance keeping three paid holidays on the calendar.

The county started an unpaid holiday system during the current fiscal year, but Crowdis told members of the County Commission's Finance Committee Friday that the proposed spending plan for the coming fiscal year would include three additional unpaid holidays.

Under his proposal Friday, Crowdis said that the commission could designate Columbus Day, Veterans Day and Presidents Day -- which are all existing state and federal holidays -- as unpaid county holidays.

If they were to do that, the commission would then fund Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day as paid holidays.

While the move would bump the number of unpaid holidays up to nine from the six that are currently on the county's calendar, Crowdis said that it would keep them from having to declare Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years' Day -- which are all within just a few pay periods of each other -- as unpaid holidays, creating even more of a hardship on county employees.

"What it would do, is that you'd have Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving day (after) in the same pay period. The next holiday after that, you'd have Christmas and the day after Christmas in the same period and you'd have New Year's day unpaid," Crowdis said.

By going from six to nine unpaid holidays, Crowdis said that the county would save nearly $900,000 across its various funds.

If the proposal receives approval from the committee, it will move to the full commission for consideration.

The plan would not affect city government operations and its offices would remain open during the three new unpaid county holidays.