Mitt Romney raises $10 million - in one day

Photo by Bill Dinicola

Photo by Bill Dinicola

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney collected more than $10 million for his presidential primary bid on Monday, a show of financial force meant to remind his opponents that knocking off the front-runner won't be an easy task.

More than 800 Romney donors and supporters traveled to Las Vegas on Monday for a call-day designed to demonstrate his financial might -- and demonstrate it they did.

"The results are a strong indication of the national enthusiasm for Governor Romney and his pro-jobs platform," said Romney finance chair Spencer Zwick.

Eric Tanenblatt, an Atlanta-based Romney major donor who participated in the call day, said that "there was an enthusiastic crowd from all across the country present and you could feel the excitement in the room."

Expectations were high for Romney who is widely expected to be the financial front-runner in the GOP nomination fight.

In a similar call-in day for his 2008 presidential bid, Romney collected $6.5 million. For the entire campaign, Romney raised $113 million -- $46.6 million of which he gave to himself.