Pataula Charter Academy officials take concerns to Atlanta

Photo by J.D. Sumner

Photo by J.D. Sumner

ATLANTA : Less than 24-hours after a landmark ruling by the Georgia Supreme Court that struck down the state's ability to operate and run charter schools, officials with an Albany-area school took their concerns to Atlanta, protesting the decision and trying to coax lawmakers into action.

Kylie Holley, principal of Pataula Charter Academy in Edison, joined a contingent of concerned parents, faculty and staff from charter schools around the state Tuesday to protest the court's ruling at the capitol.

"We had a great showing. We had some of the legislators there and we hope to work with them and the state board of education to stay open," Holley said.

When asked what happens next, Holley said that the school intends to stay open until at least Friday when they wrap up their school year.

"Right now we're going to continue to focus on educating the children the best we know how and just work to keep a dialogue open with our legislators and the state board of education," Holley said.

In a split decision, the Georgia Supreme Court ruled that charter schools created and operated by the state did not fall into the "special schools" category stated in the Georgia Constitution and that public education is solely the domain of the local school districts.