Commission talks disciplinary action in closed door meeting

ALBANY, Ga. -- Mayor Pro Tem and Ward IV City Commissioner Roger Marietta appeared to have surprised many of his colleagues on the city commission Tuesday when he moved that the board go into a closed-door session to discuss a personnel matter involving a commission appointee.

While Municipal Court Judge Willie Weaver's name was never mentioned, Marietta did say when quizzed by Albany Mayor Willie Adams about why the board needed to go into executive session that it involved potential disciplinary action against a commission appointee.

The city commission has nearly a dozen appointees who range from City Attorney Nathan Davis and his assistants to City Clerk Sonja Tolbert and her assistant.

On that list is Chief Municipal Court Judge Willie Weaver, who is currently being investigated by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation following a weekend incident in which police reports state that his wife sustained "superficial injuries" in an apparent domestic incident.

Weaver has yet to address the investigation publicly and no charges have been brought.

When the commission finished discussion Tuesday, commissioners adjourned the executive session and reconvened the public meeting.

Adams stated that no action had been taken and the public meeting was ended.

Marietta didn't state why he specifically wanted to call the executive session, but state law allows for meetings closed to the public in instances involving personnel matters.


Justice4Moma 4 years, 1 month ago

Personal matter? What ever is discussed in a meeting with our Leaders aplies to us who pay you.So Why Close Door.To protect you screw ups that say the wrong thing and get cought at it.Our Justice system is broke here,our Leaders play the race card so much that go fish does not even come into play anymore.You all do what you like in Office.And Nathan? You all should have let him go when you found the gun and knife in his desk at work.I had a trial with him during the time before they were found.Had i known he had that in his desk,there would have been no way i would have been in the same room with him.Also he is not worthy of his job.And i have my own proof about that.And he will see it soon enough.He has got to learn when you go to court,there should be no conflict of intrest,in my case he blew it.And i dont have a tape to prove it,but his own John Hancock.Now get the So called Leaders out of there so Albany can have a chance.Take Roger,the Mayor,cowboy Nathan,Postell,And anyone else who is not going to stand up for Albany,send them where AL is.They should all have a home comming.


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