Police investigating forgery ring

Photo by Laura Williams

Photo by Laura Williams

ALBANY, Ga. -- The Dougherty County Police Department is asking the public and area businesses to be on the lookout for three individuals who have been cashing counterfeit checks.

They are Stephen Green, 23, Brittney Jennings, 23 and Geon Floyd, 34.

While Jennings has lived in Albany, all three have addresses in Columbus. The trio has been cashing counterfeit checks that have "E Tax Service" written on top.

The routing and account numbers are correct, but not for E Tax Service.

"It looks like they took information from a payroll check and put it on their checks," said Sgt. Chad Kirkpatrick, a detective with the DCPD.

"We want to let local businesses know and to be on the lookout for these subjects."

Since May 9, two Albany businesses have come across these checks -- Jaxx Liquor Store on South Slappey Boulevard and National Liquor Store on Oakridge Drive. There are two such checks confirmed to be counterfeit, with more checks that are thought to be connected to the ring.

"We have to process the checks for fingerprints, but we have warrants on these folks," Kirkpatrick said. "There are more (checks) that are pending."

The two checks known to be involved were confirmed to be counterfeit by Citizens Bank, Kirkpatrick said.

To date, almost $4,000 has been lost as a result of this scheme. All three are wanted for forgery and theft by deception, with Jennings and Green being charged with one count each and Floyd being charged with two counts each.

Floyd is also wanted in Columbus for forgery.

Green, Jennings and Floyd have been putting their real names and social security numbers on the back of the checks, Kirkpatrick said.

Kirkpatrick was not able to give a vehicle description to tie to the trio, who are thought to be in the scheme together. The sergeant was also unable to confirm on Tuesday whether this was tied to a forgery ring in Columbus.

"Forgery is a big problem here because it's easy money," Kirkpatrick said. "Anybody has a printer or a computer.

"This type (of forgery) is easy. It is a real check per se, it's just got false information."

Anyone that comes across a check that looks suspicious is asked to call the DCPD at (229) 430-6600 or visit them at 2106 Habersham Road.